David Spangler


We live in an age of revelation. In all areas of human experience, new concepts, ideas, understandings and techniques are thrusting themselves rapidly upon man's consciousness, forcing him to re-evaluate his world-view, his conception of him-self and his ways of behaviour. Nowhere is this accelerated evolution more evident than in the fields of science where research into nuclear energy, for example, has reversed the old concept of a solid material universe and has revealed that in fact nothing is solid, that all is a manifestation of unseen energy in motion and that this energy is linked in subtle ways throughout the universe into a unified field or a oneness. Another area where advancing technology is creating potent revelation is in the communications field. Daily, new techniques of rapid and accurate transmission of information and experience are being researched and developed, creating a network of communications throughout the world that practically remove the barriers of time and distance between a person and other people or events happening elsewhere in the world. Again, the effect of this is to reveal increasingly to men's consciousness’s that we are living in one, interrelated world and not in separate and isolated nations, cities and homes. Thus, advanced scientific research reveals the existence of a oneness throughout the universe and modern communications bring the impact of oneness home to us in a personal, relevant way.


In all fields, the essential concept behind new revelation is oneness — the increasing recognition that all life, all creation is linked subtly and sometimes quite openly in indivisible and potent bonds of communion. This realisation is having an impact on other forms of communication—the reaching out of human consciousness beyond the restricted experience of the five senses to touch and communicate with other and vaster, higher dimensions of life and being. 


Throughout the ages, man has sought to enrich his physical life through communion with such dimensions and to increase his power and wellbeing in so doing. Prayer and worship were early developed techniques of communication and invocation with vaster realms of consciousness and life; later, especially in more recent years, there has been the revelation of the research into psychic manifestations of communication, such as medium-ship, channelling and telepathy. Now, with new revelation exploding about us, we can no longer deny to this special field of communication the recognition, realisation and impact of oneness that are transforming other spheres of human activity. The revealed nature of the oneness of creation itself is unfolding for us a dramatic and natural technique for transcending our human level consciousness and communicating directly with vaster dimensions of being. We call this technique Attunement.


To practise Attunement, we begin with understanding the concept of oneness. This does not mean that everything is the same; it means that there is no real separation between anything, that all exists within a unified field of being. The microcosm that we represent within us duplicates in all its aspects the vaster realms of life and consciousness that apparently lie outside and beyond us in the macrocosm. To communicate with a level of life apparently outside us, we simply discover and attune to its corresponding reality within us. We realise that there is no separation, that essentially we are one with that level and we accept that oneness as the reality.


We can draw an illustration of this from music. Middle C and its first harmonic, the next higher C note, are the same tonal quality but separated by an octave of energy. The two notes played in the same way possess equal amplitude but a different frequency of expression. The higher note is moving faster as a sound wave, hence we hear it as a higher pitched sound. Though most people can differentiate between middle C and its higher harmonics, such as high C, they are still the same note and occupy the same tonal position in the scale. Because of this, whenever one C is struck, the other Cs of higher octaves resonate in harmony and can be heard by one whose ear is sensitively trained. So with the universe within us. In the microcosm of our individual being, we are harmonically related to all the macrocosm which represents higher octaves of what is within us. If we manifest a certain microcosmic quality, such as love, then there is a thrill of resonance throughout the universe of the love quality on all its levels of expression, on all of the octaves of being.


With this understanding, we can begin to practise Attunement in our lives. With its practice, we find ourselves in increasing communication with higher and vaster realms of life, both vertically, in terms of higher frequency consciousness, and horizontally in terms of physical life that surrounds us as fellow human beings and the lives within nature. Unlike old-style communication which is usually seen as a flow between two or more centres or people and which thereby maintains the concept of separation, Attunement is communication through communion, through recognising the reality of oneness that has always been there. There is no flow between — there is oneness with.


Attunement works on the principle of resonance which in turn depends on action and living manifestation. Such phenomena as channelling and mediumship mainly depended on the ability to contact another level of life as a separate thing outside the life of the psychic, just as prayer was communication with a God outside and separate from the individual life. This contact could be turned on and off when a message of help was or was not desired, much like using a telephone or a radio. Attunement is entirely different. It requires the manifestation and expression within the life of the individual of the qualities to which he wishes to attune on less restricted levels of being and consciousness. It cannot be turned off. Oneness must be a living reality within oneself, not just an idea. 


Let us suppose that I wish to contact the awareness of the limitless love within creation. Using old methods of communication, I might try through meditation to contact some being, whom I would consider separate from myself, who would represent this awareness to me. With Attunement, a different approach entirely must be used. First, I realise that this awareness of limitless love is not outside of me; it has a lower octave counterpart within me. I must find that counterpart and play it, like striking middle C in order to hear through resonance a higher C note. In other words, I must begin by expressing on human levels a love released from limitations of prejudice, fear, hatred, separation. I must relate to the world around me as if all parts of it were my beloved. I must see the reality of this love within me and in my life. I set the vibration of love resonating throughout my microcosmic life. 


Then, in my moments of silence, I can rise on the currents of this resonance. I attract the higher octave counterparts of love to my awareness or, more accurately, by experiencing love in my microcosmic life I become sensitive to experiencing it in my macrocosmic life. The barriers of separation in my consciousness dissolve. There is no more within, no more without. There is only what I am—the oneness of all.


By experiencing this in times of silence, I increase my sense of oneness during my times of outer activity until silence and activity, action and non-action, themselves become one all about me on all levels. Through this communion I communicate perfectly with the universe. Thus we have the New Age method of prayer, of communication with vaster and freer levels of life. We attune, not through contact with something separate, but with the oneness of all life within us and about us. We live this Attunement. It must be lived, acted upon, expressed, if the necessary resonance that disintegrates the barriers of apparent separation is to be developed.


Throughout the world, men and women are responding to the new revelations of the oneness of life and of creation. As they do so, Attunement will become an increasing manifestation. Greater than prayer, which we turn on and off according to our need, Attunement is walking, working, living every moment in the living presence of God which is oneness. More and more we will see and hear people being living revelations of truth, people who can say with perfect authority and knowledge, 'I am the Life within all, the Love uniting all, the revelation of Truth, for in my life I resonate with the All in All, and God and I are One.'

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