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In this article I have touched upon the subject of the Christ. It is difficult to write about that Being for so much has been imparted that is obviously dogmatic, 'narrow', sectarian, assertive, sensational and grossly misconstrued in nature. So much so that most thinking beings (and rightly so) have shied away from, or rejected outright, all dictates, interpolations or interpretations of His exemplary life and teachings. Many have gone to the other extreme (with similar dogmatic and narrow viewpoints) of eliminating all concepts of the immortality of life and divinity from their minds. Both the materialistic and the dogmatically theistic extremes have contributed to make this society what it is, with its imbalanced and perverted sense of values. The times are changing and the people of the world are rapidly voicing their discontent with the established formulations for world, nation and/or social dominance by any one political theory or religion.


Man's code of ethics and standards of values must change and, to me, the principle means where- by this is to come about is in new formulations based on the similarities in the concepts of Deity and not in theological assertions for religious supremacy. Established religions must change their assertions or crumble in the face of increasingly illumined world opinion. A new world religion which incorporates all theologies and cultural-scientific activity and research must (and is) arising.


The intent of the life of the Christ is most closely concerned with the Aquarian Age. The idea of the immanent forthcoming Messiah, the Bodhisam Maitreya, (in the Buddhist terminology), the Christ, is interwoven with this fact. This should become a clearer to any being who, with an open mind, is willing to put aside all his conditionings and prejudices all that which hinders clear (impersonal) inspirational thought—and investigate the Gospels (and all revelatory commentaries) for himself.


There is a great depth of meaning in the symbolism of the Gospels and gradually this meaning shall be revealed to man as the Christ often stated that it would, as more and more of His disciples reincarnate to do so. The author does not claim infallibility for his assertions, but rather he desires his readers to formulate their own opinions, utilising fully their unprejudiced intuitive discriminative facilities.


Ultimately it matters little whether you believe in this or that system of philosophy or creed, or if you know some of its esoteric significance. What matters is the expression of your love for humanity and your capacity to respond to new age ideas and ideals, of goodwill to the one brotherhood of mankind on this Earth. The ability to do this automatically makes you a student of esoteric or occult law, whether you read books or not. For with your increasing capacity to actively love men, knowledge of the nature and purpose of that love must eventually register upon your consciousness.


Religion is a self-initiated, self-perpetuated and self-realised approach to the God immanent within and without the human system. It is not the sacred possession of any one group or creed. It never has been (except as the doctrines arising out of men's minds and desire nature) and never will be. Each being follows his own innate code of ethics. It is his own conscience that tells him what is right for him to do (and what is right for one may not necessarily be right for another). It is through the conscience that the voice of the subjective self, the soul, can speak and direct the personality. It is the fact that men have a conscience that is their hope to future Glory and proves the assurity of the 'Christ within', of the Divinity of man. Each man must learn to listen to this subjective voice, the 'voiceless voice', the 'voice of silence', for therein lies the approach to his own salvation, to his own immortality.

Please query me if an 'idea', after deep thought continues to perplex or elude your questionings. I will be happy to answer any queries that the reader may have. 


May the common bond

of understanding of Love,

peace and harmony unite us all.


The Import of the Aquarian Age  As the sun cyclically retrogresses through its interstellar orbit, called the 'zodiac' by astrologers, it slowly (approximately every 2,160 years) moves out of the influence of one conditioning constellation into another. There are twelve of these astrological signs, each emanating their own particular force. These para-electro-magnetic forces are absorbed by our Earth (a cell in the body of the Solar Deity); their potencies are stepped down by the various Deva (angelic) hierarchies and finally transmitted to the human animal, plant and mineral kingdoms via the subtle (psychic) super sensory bodies or 'sheaths' interpenetrating the dense bodies of these entities. (I cannot explain the above in full in this short article.) The subjective vibratory response eventually causes concrete physical effects. Such general effects have been recorded and tabulated by astrologers and thus can be used to ascertain various predictions (though not all astrologers are aware of the subtle causes of some of the effects that they observe).


During the past two millenia; the sun has gradually coursed from pisces the fishes, to aquarius the waterbearer. The waterbearer is the bringer of Life quenching the thirst of all those who are lost in the desert of matter, be this a thirst for knowledge, wisdom, Love, the Divine, the transcendental, or else the sensual, the material, the transitory. As such, the energies of aquarius are impartial, giving equally to all, tending to inspire groups or masses of men, rather than the individual. Therefore its potent energy will influence all types of communes, be they idealistic, nationalistic, or aggressively-orientated.


The sign aquarius is a dual sign and denotes the mutual embrace of two parallel streams of energy:


\/\/\/\ soul (yin)—World soul

\/\/\/\ matter (yang) corporeality (personality)


The upper band respresents the higher Self, the Soul of man, the source of all inspirations; the storehouse of all the knowledge gathered through many aeons of evolutionary growth and experience. It is that principle that ever grows in beauty and transcendence from incarnation to incarnation, whilst the personality, its thought form (what we, as entities, identify with), its means of physical perfection, is doomed to a continual and eventual death in a fleeting transient world.


Or when viewed in its Universal aspect, the upper line also symbolises the Purusha of the Hindus, the Heavenly Man, the entity that far outlasts the birth and death of the Solar system, which is its physical incarnation; the Anima mundi or world Soul of the Greeks, Alaya Avalokitesvara of the Mahayana Buddhists and so forth.


These higher aesthetic qualities are embraced, or exactly parallelled, by those of the material world, the sensual, the corporeal, symbolised by the lower line. Thus there is a vibratory mutual interplay, a balance of forces between soul and matter that has the ability to evoke the highest in man, the most visionary, constructive, artistic or creative amplitude that the man is capable of; or else he will be fully involved in the vicissitudes of the maya, the phenomenal world. In both cases however, the personality will be responsive to the aquarian influences through his participation in group activities. 


The symbol indicates that aquarius is a fluid sign, one of constant movement, periodical cyclic activities, and recurrent mutations ; such as is seen on this Earth today with its intensely active and painfully obvious chaotic mass transportation and communication systems, with the rapid efflux and interchange of ideas.


The element attributed to this sign is air, corresponding to buddhi in the Sanskrit terminology. This 'plane' of perception is exemplified as undeviating Reason, Intuition is its highest sense, that which transcends the intellect, the plane of 'Enlightenment', the source of the highest inspiration. Words but distort and mar the concept. The Christ in His aspect of World Saviour or the attributes of Krishna as exemplified in the Bhagavad Gita are identified with this plane. They both embody the ideal of the aquarian age: loving service to mankind, the active embrace of compassion in harmonious cooperation and mutual understanding of the brotherhood of man under the 'Fatherhood of God', though Krishna is for an age gone by and the Christ for this era.1


The aeroplane, man's physical conquest of the air, is the exoteric symbol for this alchemical element. This also indicates his impending spiritual or subjective 'conquest' or receptivity to impressions from the buddhic plane, when he shall be 'reborn anew into the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ' (see Eph. 4.13). Indications of a forthcoming mass enlightenment amongst members of the world's youth and subculture groups are now evident.


Perhaps a clue to help in the understanding of this sign is via the preceeding sign pisces, the sign in to which the Christ was born. The symbol of the two fishes denotes limitation; soul and matter are yoked by a common bondage, a chain, and immersed in the waters of sensation, of experience, whereas freedom is the keynote to the aquarian disposition. All over the world we see men rebelling against the old order, against the old piscean authoritarian socio-political and religious systems. Many of the bonds that tied them to the 'Victorian' sense of family and cultural ties, race custom etc., are being broken, in a new permissiveness, a new exploration of all aspects of human living and even beyond the confines of our Earth sphere itself. It means an amazingly rapid expansion of consciousness—scientific, political and 'spiritual', leading to the revelatory understanding of the nature of the very Cosmos itself. The Soul, the Solar Angel can now fully embrace the material world, fecundating it with the seeds of the Divine, the beautiful, again preparing and nourishing the 'lotus bud', the vibrant womb of enlightenment consciousness out of which the foetal Christ can be reborn. When the human family as a whole has developed the needed sensitivity and warm-hearted conscious responsiveness to the force of Love and Universal enlightenment of which He is the custodian, then the Christ will also appear in a physical body among the sons of men.


He indicated the inevitability of His imminent reappearance in the aquarian age when He, in Luke 22.10, told His disciples to go out on the street where they would meet a man bearing a pitcher of water (aquarius) and in the upper room of his house (the higher Self, the Soul), they will partake of the last supper, the passover, the body and blood of the Christ.


That is, that they will partake of His Spiritual Inspiration. Just as blood is the source of Life and vitality to the cells and organs of our bodies, so the Christ, the 'blood or heart in the body of God', is the source of Love, Light and Joy; of spiritual nourishment, the 'bread of Life,' the enlightenment consciousness that vitalises and nourishes the cells (our souls) in the body of God. Blood is also analogous to prana, the psycho-spiritual force with which all beings are vivified.


His body signifies His works as a physical accomplishment—divinity as a corporeal expression evoked by and through the body of human aspiration and perfected creative maturity—that we all found hint. When the symbology of the Gospels is related to this time, then much will be made clear about His teachings and works.


The Planetary Ruler of aquarius is Uranus. This Regent pre-eminently wields the forces that influence occultism, the various psychic sciences innate spontaneous activity, the urge to better conditions, humanitarianism. It is concerned with the establishing of the 'Kingdom of God' on this physical plane, of brotherly love, natural harmonious living, receptivity to the laws of Nature. It also stimulates the organisational trend of man in its many communal forms, of businesses, governments, societies and groups. Much will be reorganised towards a more receptive approach to world needs (as it is now obvious). It also indicates changes in the Earth's topological sphere and of man's imminent discovery of the ethers a subtle type of matter incorporating and interpenetrating the dense form. It is the vehicle of the psychic energy prana, the 'breath of life', which can be found explained in any yogic text. This will involve many radical changes in man's understanding of the nature of life, especially in relation to medicine.

That there is a life after death will be a demonstrable fact, for many will see the subtle etheric body and the Deva hierarchy associated with that plane, the 'violet Devas of the shadows', Devas of healing the transmitters of prana. Men will enter into a new relationship with that angelic order. (Here I am only concerned with those who will become increasingly sensitive to the aquarian forces.)


As more of the assertive type of beings disincarnate with the waning of the piscean forces, so a greater influx of aquarian souls will incarnate, and the new age of peace and brotherly love will fully manifest. You and I are part of this dawning, of the reappearance of the Christ and of the angels that 'administer unto men', the hierarchy of compassionate beings. May we all earnestly endeavour to spread the force of' good will unto all men.


A Mantrum for the Aquarian Age




From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.


From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men—

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.


From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power restore the plan on



'The above invocation or prayer does not belong to any person or group but to all humanity. The beauty and the strength of this invocation lies in its simplicity, and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally accept—the truth of the existence of a basic intelligence to whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love ; the truth that a great individuality came to earth, called by Christians the Christ, and embodies that love so that we could understand ; the truth, that both love and intelligence are the effects of what is called the will of God; and finally the self-evident truth that only through humanity itself can the Divine Plan work out.'


                                                                                                                                                                  Alice A. Bailey


I have posited this invocation, because I strongly believe that a mantrum such as the above, when firmly and sincerely invoked by many beings throughout the world (and many at present are doing so), has a strong potency towards the satisfaction of the intention of the mantrum. The word 'mantrum' is derived from the Sanskrit roots—man, to think and tra, instrument, method. It is thus a means or an aid to assist in right thinking.


This invocation is a call towards all men of Goodwill everywhere, to affect them to unite in one common fusion of love and service, to assist in the alleviation of distress, misery and ignorance that is the common fate of humanity today.


I understand the Great Invocation to be a mantrum profferred by a group of selfless enlightened 'instruments of Divinity', an effect of the force of Love–Wisdom answering the agonised cry of humanity to help build the framework of the manger in the 'cave of the hearts of men', that will usher in the dawning of a new age, that of aquarius.


When the ideas couched therein become the common wish of men, even if only nascently, then the force of this common appeal must cause the crystallisation of the 'Kingdom of the angels that administer unto men', the reappearance of the Christ on this Earth. It is that power which manifests through all religious saviours, gurus, etc. This is not just a hazy mystical assertion, but a definite certainty, if the evocation of brotherly love is effective and when the mass of men indicate to be

receptive to that force.


There are strong indications of this happening due to the enlightening effect of the past world wars, modern mass intercommunications, the international urge to unity and co-operation, particularly among the youth of today. Therefore I appeal to you (even if the reciting of such a mantrum is foreign to you), to earnestly endeavour to spread the force of goodwill, with a common goal of harmonious co-operation (in an unrestricted sense), enlightenment and service to your brothers, no matter whatever the race, creed colour, political or religious bias, to use a platitude well known to all.


The Christ consciousness is not simply a vague idealistic phrase, but as Paul stated 'Christ in us, the hope of Glory (Cor: 1,27). He is in us, just as He was in the Master Jesus; all of us have the power to evoke this consciousness, this all— embracing love, if we are ready to 'Love each

other', even as He has Loved us.


This Divine Being, during the piscean age, offered to humanity the Lord's prayer. This has proven to be very effective in raising men's minds to an inspirational or devotional plane and has a general elevating effect upon the being sincerely intoning the mantrum. The general import of the Lord's prayer is diagrarnmatised on the opposite page. The Great Invocation is impersonal, it is aimed to invoke very powerful forces for transcending those that were possible before; releasing to men forces directly emanating from the heart and mind of the Deity, not just for the ego, the individual (be it a group, a nation or a religious sect) but for the world , the 'race of men.' This, as was seen in the preceeding section, is truly the leitmotif of the Aquarian Age.


Humanity has progressed to such a degree that now, again, the ancient mysteries, the ancient metaphysica l and occult sciences can emerge in transcendent splendour before the eyes of men, so that Light, Love and Peace, The Golden Age, can again be manifest on this Earth. This is our forthcoming heritage, may we all earnestly play our part in that endeavour, whatever our chosen field of application may be.


This Being is One with All Beings.

May this heart and that heart

share a common active embrace of Bliss,

the Light, Love and Power

from the ONE HEART;

may All Beings Realise THAT.

For That Realization is the

goal of evolution.

Many are those among us Who have Realised

in fullness—

the Christ is everywhere manifest;

therein lies our Salvation.

Love to All Beings

Om Tat Sam


Triple Aspect of Diety

 Our Father which art in Heaven:


The Absolute* 

The Unmanifest 

The Unconditioned

=Father aspect of Deity— Spirit (Monad)



Hallowed be thy name Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done:


The Mediator (Buddhi, The World Soul, The Christ)

=The soul or son aspect of Deity



On Earth, as it is in Heaven:


The Manifest (the conditioned, the transitory, the effect)

=The personality

=The mother aspect of Deity


Purely Personal Concern


Give us this day to our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespasses against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen. 


Here the man attempts to invoke the energies of his 'Higher Self' to help him meet his everyday personal needs. As such it is a personal (selfish) devotional appeal to Deity. However it was designed to adequately meet the needs of the piscean sentiment— highly emotional and easily stimulated to passion or desire, mediumistic, nihilistic, dogmatic and assertive in viewpoints, a tendency to the lower psychic receptivity, devotional.



1 I cannot here enter into a philological discussion. The reader's intuition should suffice when I assert that the Christ is Krishna, though now concerned with a humanity that has evolved in its emotional, mental, physiological and socio-economic outlook on life; especially mentally, of ideas, the intellect.


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