Spiritual Living in Western Australia (edited)


David Fosdick

There are many New Age Light Centres scattered about the globe where the spiritual principles of living required in this new Aquarian Age are being demonstrated, in order that Man may be prepared for the impending changes that will soon sweep across the planet. The Shalam/Carranya Brotherhood here in Western Australia is just such a Light Centre where the spiritual and cosmic principles are being objectified in their application to everyday living of a community of forty people. Here we are demonstrating and discovering for ourselves that a spiritual way of life is not an esoteric monastic existence but a very practical, down to earth experience where love and harmony is the rule rather than the exception. The way of life we are seeking to reveal to humanity is one where sanity and balance are exercised on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of human living. We have chosen to live in a physical environment that is relatively free from pollution and man-made discord where we recognise that it is our responsibility to maintain this purity by exercising our control in protecting the ecological balance of the environment. After the environment comes the purity of our physical bodies, which is attained by a diet of community-grown organic vegetables, fruits and grains, plus occasional fasting for those people who feel the need. Emotional balance is largely resultant from the balanced physical environment but also stems from a consciousness of sensitivity and awareness to the needs of our brothers and sisters. Coupled with this is our ideal of the exercise of self-control in the manner in which our feelings are expressed so that at no time will that Divine Inner Knowingness, which every human possesses, be swayed by emotionalism or sentimentality. Through allowing our intuition to play a dominant role over the intellect we have learnt to release our objective mental body from the tensions and doubts associated with an over-indulgence in analytical thinking, a tendency which serves to inflate the ego as well as use up valuable time. The spiritual harmony which we are all experiencing is not due to any theological or philosophical common edenominator shared by the community, but it is a direct continuance of the harmony which we are experiencing on those levels of physical, emotional and mental expression. Through living in this balanced environment the tensions and conditioning normally associated with urban and suburban life are being wholly negated thus allowing the true spiritual essence of each individual here to be fully realised and to flow freely between each other in a transcendant expression of brotherly love and joy. Having attained this state of balance in varying degrees within ourselves and within the group as a whole , we are now making practical use of the intuitive guidance which is able to flow through such a relaxed channel as a well-balanced human being. Spirit-living is the complete dedication to enacting that guidance which comes directly from God. It means putting into practice those things which you intuitively know you should be doing and refusing to follow those lesser thoughts of selfishness and indulgence. To be able to practicalise this by yourself in a city environment nowadays would be extremely difficult, if not impossible , and so there is the pressing urgency to get out into the clean and relaxed vibration of a rural environment in company with people who also have the expressed desire to live in tune with God and nature. This is the starting point and the growth from here is an organic progression that is wholly dependent on the dedication and sincerity of those people working together towards this common goal. From our experiences here at Carranya we have found that there is a real flow of spiritual energy motivating every physical action, so when a job which really needs to be done seems beyond our individual or collective capabilities, then a flash of insight and energy is given to make sure that the task is completed efficiently and with the spirit of perfection. As each of us tunes into this flow of energy the spiritual reality behind all aspects of physical three-dimensional living is made increasingly obvious, and performing physical tasks becomes a sublime meditation where constant communication with God is maintained by the spirit as it expresses its love and joy through the divine nature of physical work. This human form is the practical vehicle for the expression of the creativity of the divine spirit that dwells within all mankind. As such, it must be kept healthy and serviceable so that this spiritual pilot is able to remain in control of the vehicle rather than the vehicle gaining control of the pilot. Most people who come to Shalam/Carranya are just beginning to awaken to the fact that their sensory and physical appetites have been retarding the full expression of the divine being that resides within us all, and so they begin the eternal adventure of discovering just who they really are. Life on earth was meant to be a very practical and objective experience, but without an understanding of why we are here and what we should be doing, it soon becomes a very hollow and selfish existence. Total dedication to a purely passive spiritual life can be just as selfish and lacking in the true dynamic purpose which the creative in-dwelling spirit wholly desires. If a balance can be reached between these two poles of human expression then the way will be open for humanity to express the spiritual values and understanding of the organised Heavens in physical and purely objective terms here on earth. This has been the message that Fred and Mary Robinson have been trying to convey to the people of Australia for quite a number of years. It was this message of Love and Truth that inspired approximately sixty-five people to come together at both Shalam (the mother community 32 kilometres south of Perth) and Carranya (its flourishing offspring 272 kilometres north of Perth) to put into practice the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God as an actual way of life . It is now with great happiness and joy that, following what for some of us has been a time of great change and adjustment, we can state from the wisdom of our own personal experience that a spiritual way of life is a practical alternative, if not the only alternative, to the unhappiness and tragedy of modern society. Carranya has expanded greatly since its humble inception when the total membership consisted of Stephen Carthew and his wife Louise. The old farmhouse which was originally the only form of accommodation has been lovingly renovated and now forms the administration and spiritual centre for the community. The major source of accomodation has come from the purchasing of old railway carriages, renovating them inside and out so that they resemble immobile, horseless gypsy caravans. They provided quick and simple dwellings and allowed for the concentration on building up the life support systems for the community. After two years of constant struggling we now have a beautiful garden standing like an oasis in this vast expanse of semi-desert and scrub. Two silver-bladed towers are constantly spinning, pumping up the crystal life blood to the storage tanks on the hill and the lone wind generator is pouring out a different sort of energy into the storage batteries in preparation for nightfall. A new housing project based on geodesics has recently been initiated and with the arrival of Peter Cock, West Australian Newspapers been initiated and with the arrival of Stuart Patterson, an architectural draughtsman, the community hall is fast becoming a reality. This hall will be a synthesis of the geodesic dome and more traditional building techniques and will incorpora te enlarged kitchen and dining facilities as well as a large pavilion for community functions. With all the beauty and abundance to be found here at Carranya it must be pointed out that this achievement has not occurred solely because of the competence of the builders, gardeners and craftsmen who are now living here. In the main, wh e n they first arrived they possessed none of these skills but they all had one thing in common; they were willing and sincere. This is all that was needed for the spiritual energy here at Carranya to embody them and guide their every efforts, providing the magnificent results that are here for everybody to see. This is the essence of a practical life; the willingness to be used by God in creating harmony and beauty in this physical dimension for the enjoyment and benefit of one's brothers and sisters, i.e. the wh o le of humanity. Our love and joy goes out to all the people of the world, that they too in their own way may come to know the peace and security that is to be found in practicalising the spiritual values that are being revealed to Mankind as he starts his journes into the New Age.

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