2.  Re-scanning pages

***Some articles have pages that need re-scanning:

Scenes: Towards a sociology of marijuana use: Pages 42, 43, 45

Scenes: Communities on the north coast of NSW: Page 33

Scanning Articles And Converting Them To Text:

1) Scan pages you need. Make sure to scan them as straight as possible, because if they are crooked the PDF pen will get the text muddled up.


2) Once you have the JPG image drag the image and "drop" it onto PDF pen. This will automatically open the image in PDF pen. 


3) To convert the image to text go to "Edit" then "OCR page"


4) Next, just select the text using the text select tool (top left on tool bar). Press command C to copy and command V to paste. You can either paste the text into TextEdit or straight onto the way out now website if you are logged in. 


5) These rescanned pages will then need editing as detailed above.


If you have any questions about how this program works, go to help, video tutorials or just type a keyword into the help bar.  


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