The Way Out Now Project

What is 'The Way Out Now Project'?

The way out now is a online project centred around a book titled 'The Way Out, Radical Alternatives in Australia'.

The Way Out was first published in 1975.  It contains over 50 articles written by a number of different authors and covering a variety of topics, which "argue out a coherent philosophy of practical alternatives to improve our present-day society." It is so popular at Digger Street that we decided to preserve the text and to produce our own new book, 'The Way Out Now' which would contain the original text alongside modern contributions.  Accordingly, we have scanned the text from the book and uploaded it onto the website We are currently in the process of checking this text to correct errors, which appear during the uploading process.

How Can You Help?

There are several ways to participate in this project.  The 4 main ones are:

1.  Scan pages

2.  Edit the text to remove errors

2.  Rescan pages, which have been incorrectly scanned in the past

3.  Contact the original authors for their views/contributions

4.  Provide your own contribution, as a young activist

At the moment we are focusing on the first two of these jobs

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